Electronics Wholesaler Ankaka Introduces Clock with Tortoise and Hare Clock Hands

Clock with Tortoise and Hare Clock Hands

Do you know life can be so good when you look at something and the next thing you do is to smile? I know you have a clock hanged in your living room and office but what joy do you derive when you check time with the clock? Why not get a funny clock that will make you to always want to check time. If you have been looking for such device, this clock with tortoise and hare hands is what you need. Think of the stories you’ve heard about this animal and the next thing you will do is to smile or rather you will laugh. You know doctors said happiness can add more days to your life, so this clock is capable of adding to your life time.

This wooden clock is very unique with the simple pine board and mere looking at the clock hands alone to see portraits of the scrupulous tortoise and clever hare will make you laugh. What a funny world? The round clock face is formed from E0 which is a high quality pine that is eco-friendly but it is resistant to oxidation. It means that this wooden clock features that will maintain its shape and condition in any environment. It is a stylish design and when you hang it in your living room, you children will also want to check time more so adding fun to the entire household. Maybe your children would want you to tell them the funny story about the tortoise and hare.

This Clock with tortoise and hare hands is designed with a silent device that will always keep the correct time and also will not make any noise. These features and functions are the reason why i said this clock is an adroit chronometer. You don’t just have fun at home, you can as well buy and hang this clock in your office to bring fun because your colleagues or rather your employees will always want to check time with it just to look at the tortoise and hare hands of the clock. This wooden clock has two colors; that is yellow and brown. This color combination is perfect because it can fit into any paint color on you wall. It has a measurement of 250mm in diameter and its thickness is 32mm. this piece of equipment is lightweight and will not affect your wall. It also has a user manual.

You can buy this clock for your own use at home or office, also your can get it as a birth day gift for your child, a friend or loved one. This clock is available at Ankaka. Why not order for one today and see how it works.

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Lisa Zhou is the PR Manager of China wholesale electronics ankaka.com, which offers latest China consumer electronics for global resellers. Visit Ankaka.com to source Wholesale Cool Clocks to start your reselling business.

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