Electronics Wholesaler Ankaka Releases The Mini stage projector with star universe effect

Have you been looking for a perfect projector with star universe effect that will give you that will bring nature into your home? In the world of projectors, there are projectors and there is also a good projector. The Mini Stage Laser Projector is one type of projector that brings home nature as seen in the sky. It can bring nature to entertain you within your room. This Projector can bring millions of stars you see every evening in the sky into your home. It has the functions to give you that natural thing you want. It will produce an atmospheric effect that you will live to always remember. It is a new design in the market today and it also has a laser scanner result.

It has a Red and Green Lighting with Star universe effect. It is also the red and green laser that has to turn into stars and create a different background that will bring out its natural beauty and you can also take care of the movements. Its movement is regulated with a knob. This means that you can as well regulate the Laser Projector’s speed as well as the amount of stars you want and as such, you have to also control the displayed color which is solely dependent on the kind of environment you want. This Projector could be used in your office, living room, bedroom, churches and maybe your study room.

Are you having a party? This device will thrill your friends and family members as it will give you the best natural environment that you so desired. Your friends and close associated will definitely marvel at the effects. It has a wave length of 532nm for green and 660nm for second class 3b, this is the light that adds the effect. It also has a rechargeable battery that will show a red alert whenever it gets flat. Also has a power AC adaptor of 110 to 220V/50 t0 60 HZ on the input while it has an output of 5.0V/0.5A and also a measurement of 125 x 64 x 41mm,
This fabulous star projector is well packaged with portable stage lights, it also has a tripod stand which is used in standing the projector. It is simple to fix and control by fixing the projector on the tripod standing. You can also change the position of the projector easily to a location where you think it can display the environment that you want and how you really wanted it to appear on your walls. And it also has an AC 100 to 240 adapters. Having been familiar with the mini stage laser star projector, why now place an order today with Ankaka.

Ankaka Customer Service warned that you should keep this device out of the reach of children. This is because the laser beam is so sensitive and harmful to the eyes. You are not allowed to take your eye closer to the laser beam as it might cause you an eye problem.

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